The Addicted-to-Heels page of PC Desktop Wallpapers

This page was started on 20th March 2015. The plan is that I will put quality desktop wallpapers that I come across featuring sexy high heels on this page.

The size of the wallpapers will generally be 1920 x 1200. Where this is not the case I will include a note as to what the size of the wallpaper is.

These wallpaper files will not be compressed or down-sampled so, in some cases, they may be as large as 1MB or possibly even larger.

Each new entry will be referenced by a corresponding post on the Main Heels Blog page.

How to get the wallpapers

The following has been tested on a desktop PC. If you are downloading on a mobile phone it should be a similar process.

Click on the image. The full-sized picture will open from the Addicted-to-Heels 'OneDrive'. Once it has opened click on the picture and you should get an option at the top of the screen to 'Download'.

The very first wallpaper.

Update 30th March, 2015:   Like this stunner? There is another picture (provided by a reader of the site) of her here.

Update 14th April, 2015: After a reader told me who this stunner was I did a blog post about her here.

Just my second wallpaper. Posted 30th March.

This is Leighton Meester looking very sexy showing her great legs and wearing very sexy high heels.

See at the top of this page on how to get the wallpaper sized version of this picture.