2nd Picture Pack—Pictures 51 to 100

Here is my second Addicted-to-Heels picture pack. Read the first blog posting here to find out more about these Picture Packs.

This pack contains the pictures from the posts 51 through to 100.

The pack is 23.8MB in size.

Click on the image at right to go to the Microsoft OneDrive Addicted-to-Heels folder to download the ZIP file of pictures.

The following 'contact sheets' produced by IrfanView show the pictures that are in the pack.

Picture Packs—First posting of pictures 1 to 50

This is my first try at posting Picture Packs of the pictures posted here at Addicted-to-Heels. This first A2H Picture Pack contains the pictures from the very first 50 posts to the site, which were all done by the 'old' team of Christine and Justin.

They way I have done this is to load the zipped up pictures into the Microsoft OneDrive location for Addicted-to-Heels. To open the file on the OneDrive click on the image at right of the Picture Pack folder.

This should then open OnrDrive and you will see the file called "A2H-Pics 1 to 50".

If you click on this it should start downloading to your PC.

The file is 18MB in size.

The following four 'contact sheets' indicate the pictures contained in this first A2H Picture Pack.

As far as I know there is no way I can tell from OneDrive how many times the file is downloaded so please if you do download the file then click on the "Like" for this posting so I can sort of see how many people have downloaded it.

Please also post a comment if it doesn't work like I think it does. This is something new for me.