The "Addicted-to-Heels" Lexicon of Words, Terms, and Abbreviations

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The plan is to create a high heels related lexicon (i.e., dictionary) of words, terms, and abbreviations commonly used by males when talking about ladies wearing sexy high heels.

Bedroom heels

Urban Dictionary meaning of 'bedroom shoes' (bedroom heels).

'Bedroom heels' are sort of special fuck-me heels that are reserved for wearing in the bedroom, or maybe around the house, by a woman for the special private enjoyment and excitement of a her boyfriend or husband (typically).

'Bedroom heels' are sort of special fuck-me heels that are reserved for wearing in the bedroom, or maybe around the house, by a woman for the special private enjoyment and excitement of a her boyfriend or husband (typically).

Bedroom heels are generally kept clean and shiny—as they are only worn on carpet or sometimes actually in the bed.

The inevitable outcome of her wearing bedroom heels for her man will almost always be the same and will generally require her to get naked, but possibly leave the heels on.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: At least 4" and generally higher, up to 6".

Where Worn: As noted, this type of heel is typically only worn inside and usually worn with the prime intention of getting her man aroused.

Editor's Note: For me bedroom heels would be slides or sling-back peep toe heels with a 5" stiletto heel.


This is a new-ish term for me. I came across it on another site and I first wrote about it in this posting titled "Bonerstarters".

Urban Dictionary meaning of 'boner'.

Basically bonerstarters means much the same as 'fuck-me heels' or S3 heels but bonestarters are are just a few percent sexier.

The term bonestarter refers to the effect that seeing an attractive female in such sexy high heels usually has on most males, which is to start to give him a 'boner'.

While almost all high heels are bonestarters to some degree, actual bonstarters are just that bit more obvious in the reason the lady has decided to wear them.

Bonestarter heels are often on the verge of being whore heels (see definition in this Lexicon) but are just enough away from whore heels to be worn in general public.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: 4" to 5".

Where Worn: Like 'fuck-me' and S3 heels bonerstarter heels can basically be worn anywhere if the wearer wants to, but would generally be worn to wild parties (swinging) or out clubbing where maximum sexual attention from men was the game.

Whether a woman chooses to wear such heels will depend on her mood at the time, whether she wants to turn men on where-ever it is that she is going, and may also depend on how much standing and walking she thinks she is going to have to do as bonestarters are generally even more challenging to walk in than fuck-me heels; and even less comfortable.

Editor's Note: Let's face it. For the bulk of us men—depending on the wearer— all heels over about 3" are bone starters to some degree. However I have a serious thing about slide style heels and for me slides with a stiletto heel above about 3.5" are for sure bonestarters.

Sub-Note (20/6/2016): Bonerstartes is also a high heels fetish site. Check the High Heels Links page for more information about the Bonerstarters site.

Crocs (a.k.a. anti-high heels)

Crocs shoes are an ongoing subject for jokes for us heterosexual men that can't help but admire an attractive woman in sexy high heels; which is just about all of us to some degree (well 90% at least).

Crocs shoes are like the anti-high heels of footwear. If high heels upgrade a woman's sex appeal and hotness by +2 then Crocs, and croc-like shoes in general, downgrade it by -2, if not more.

There are a number of variations of the joke based on the contraception benefits of fathers making their daughters wear Crocs, for example: Want to make sure the boys leave your daughter alone when she goes to college? Buy her a new pair of Crocs every month and make sure she wears them.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: 0.2" (but has the effect of -0.2").

Where Worn: Nowhere, ever, except maybe to an execution—where you are the one about to be executed.

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Do-me heels

See the entry for "Fuck-me heels".

Extreme heels

(Still working on entry for this)

Femdom heels

Femdom (an abbreviation of: 'female domination') is all about women's sexual superiority and command over men; and in particular their ability to control men's cocks. In the private world of femdom highly sexually arousing high heels are often worn by the females to further amplify and assert their sexual dominance and control. In femdom play the male is often required, or commanded, to appreciate the woman's cock-teasing high heels by removing them from her feet and then re-fitting them for her. He may be required to kiss them or caress them with his aroused cock before putting them back on her feet for her.

I think that, in a way, all sexy high heels are sort of femdom heels—more or less. The wearer is basically flaunting her control over men's cocks, whether that was her conscious or sub-conscious intention for wearing heels.

While I think all sexy high heels are femdom heels in some way, true private-use femdom heels tend to be black or high gloss red, generally have a minimum of a 4" foot-fall heel (and are usually 5" or 6"), typically have a stiletto heel, and are often booty style, or knee high boot heels, and sometimes even thigh-highs.

To add to the sexual power of the shoes ladies typically wear their femdom heels with black leather outfits and typically with their breasts either fully or partially exposed, or pushed up by something like a corset or open front support bra.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: 4" to 6".

Where Worn: Generally worn in private, but some very sexy and confident ladies might wear their femdom heels in public on occasion.

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Fuck-me heels

'Fuck-me heels' or do-me heels refers to high heels that, for various reasons, make the wearer look especially sexually interesting to most males. More so than normal high heels might—whatever your particular individual view of what normal high heels might be (you can see Addicted-to-Heels definition of normal high heels in this Lexicon).

A couple of definitions of fuck-me or do-me heels that I found on the Web as part of my research suggest that this type of heel generally reveals a lot of the wearer's foot—such as slides or sandal styles do. However, even though I personally do find slides particularly arousing, I don't think the definition of fuck-me heels should be restricted to just open style heels. Also with slides I think these probably fall more into the bonestarters or bedroom heels categories.

The metrics and styles for fuck-me heels differ with various male opinions but generally such heels would have a foot-fall heel height of at least 4" and a stiletto heel.

Fuck-me heels are sometimes abbreviate to just FM, or FM heels, of just FMs: as in "Look at those awesome FM heels she is wearing" or "She looks seriously hot in those FMs".

Other Terms with Similar or Same Meaning: Do-me heels, runway heels, wallbangers.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: 4" to 4.5".

Where Worn: Whereas bonerstarter heels are for 'wilder' parties and serious clubbing, I see fuck-me heels as being able to be worn to formal events, certain family parties, and possibly even that sort of barbecue—a barbecue where the women generally collude to show off sexy and wear heels. Maybe even at that sort of pool party.

These are the type of heels that celebrities typically wear down the red carpet at award nights, and are also worn by models on the runway when they are modelling sexy clothes and lingerie.

Editor's Note: This stuff is tricky to define crisply but my thinking on fuck-me heels is that they are much the same as bonerstarters but just a little bit more subtle and she wouldn't mind her dad seeing her wearing them—although he might comment that they are a bit too sexy to be wearing out.

Foot-fall heel height

The foot-fall heel height is measured from the centre of the heel of the foot to the bottom of the ball of the foot. This is the actual height by which the wearer's heel is lifted above the ball of the foot.

The foot-fall heel height of a shoe will always be less than the actual height of the heel which is measured from the top of the lift of the heel of the shoe to the bottom of the sole (where the shoe touches the floor).

Hooker heels

After looking around the Web I found it difficult to put together a useful definition of hooker or stripper heels. With most of the other definitions I have done in this Lexicon, what I found on the Web more or less lined up with my thoughts. But with hooker/stripper heels there were a lot of differences.

As would be expected by such shoes, the idea is to quickly get the sexual attention of nearby males. While basically all high heels do this for the majority of males, with hooker heels this intention is deliberately over done or exaggerated.

Hooker heels generally have a high platform. Often 2" or more. They also tend to expose the maximum amount of foot flesh—this will then also seize the attention of men with a foot fetish. For this purpose many hooker heels have clear plastic straps so all of the foot can be seen; the foot is basically 'bare'.

A couple of definitions I found suggested hooker heels are always clear, but I disagree with this. While lots of pictures of hooker heels do feature clear see-through 'clear' shoes there are also lots that are not.

While the full heel height of hooker and stripper heels can be 7" or 8" (and sometimes higher), the actual foot-fall heel height is rarely over 4" and is often under 4". This lower foot-fall heel height provides the wearer with some additional stability in the elevation of her heels, which offsets (slightly) the loss of stability introduced by the very high platform.

Interestingly (well I think so anyway) there is a small set of high heels addicted males that are not sexually aroused by hooker heels. That would be those of us who don't like high platforms and don't have a foot fetish; such men are generally not big fans of hooker heels—such as myself. For me, platform heels with a platform any higher than about 1" starts to be a turn off.

Other Terms with Similar or Same Meaning: Stripper heels, whore heels, street corner heels, street corner whore heels.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: Generally 3" to 4" with 3" common. With the high platform they provide the illusion of a higher heel but the 3" foot-fall makes them a little easier to stand around in for longer periods of time. Even so, in rare cases the foot-fall could possibly go up to 4.5".

Where Worn: Strippers at strip clubs. Street corners by hookers. To 'hookers and pimp' parties.

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Normal high heels

(entry not complete yet)

Stripper heels/shoes

See the entry for "Hooker heels".

Street corner heels

See the entry for "Hooker heels".

S3 heels

This is an Addicted-to-Heels special term. It comes from this posting titled "Ladies—Proof that high heels make you super sexy". In this posting, which is about research into how high heels make women seem sexier, they use the term supernormal sexual stimulus in relation to high heels. I decided that supernormal sexual stimulus could be abbreviated to S3. Hence the term "S3 heels" as defined by Addicted-to-Heels.

S3 heels are basically any sexy heels that a woman might choose to wear to enhance her sex appeal and get any nearby males sexually interested in her.

Wallbanger heels

Wallbanger heels, or just 'wallbangers', are much the same as fuck-me heels.

Wallbangers are heels that enhance the wearer's sexiness and hotness so much that the secret thought of throwing her up against a wall and having their way with her probably occurs to most heterosexual males that see her.

Other Terms with Similar or Same Meaning: Do-me heels, fuck-me heels.

Typical Foot-fall Heel Height: 4" to 4.5".

Where Worn: Parties, Christmas office gatherings (apparently-see post here), nightclubs.

Other Notes: 12/12/2015—I had not heard this term in relation to awesome high heels until recently when a friend used it, but I can certainly see the reason for the usage.

+2 effect of heels (+2s)

For about 85 to 90 percent or so of heterosexual males, putting on high heels automatically and instantly up-rates a woman's sex appeal. Men are highly visual and seeing her in high heels increases her perceived 'hotness' significantly. This increase in hotness is generally considered, for most women, to add about 2 to their overall hotness score out of 10.

So a woman who would normally be about a 6 out 10 on the broad-based sexiness register will instantly bump up to around an 8 by putting on sexy high heels.

This is also why high heels are sometimes be referred to as '+2s' or '+2 shoes' (e.g., "I just love watching her slide into her +2s").