This page contains a collection of my favourite sexy high heels pictures.

For a picture to make it onto this page it has to be a picture I really like.

As these are 'special' postings, where I can I am posting the largest possible version of the picture on this page but I I will keep the file sizes of pictures on this page under one megabyte (1MB). Pictures on the main blog are usually around 400KB or smaller.

3rd Sept, 2014. Here is my first favourites post. I don't know who she is but she is just about perfect in those amazing 'fuck me now' peep-toe sling back heels. It helps that she has great legs, amazing titties, and is cute. But without a doubt those heels make this picture something amazing.

[Edit, 19th Oct 2014] Apparently this stunner's name is Anna Sbitnaya. I have Google'd it and I can confirm that this is she. While I found lots of other nudes and semi-nudes of Anna here and there I found no picture of her that comes close to matching the beauty and sexiness of the picture above. The high heels work their magic so well in this shot and there is just so much that makes this picture amazing. It is a credit to model and photographer. As they would say at the camera club I used to be in this is one of those 1 in 10,000 shots that just works perfectly.

Thanks Anna.

For those that would like to see more of Anna you can try these links. They worked when I posted them.

Anna posting in an armchair wearing suspender stockings.

Anna in a man's shirt; well for one shot anyway.

Anna by the pool wearing the sling-back peep toe heels from the shot above.

There are also five collection packs of Anna on the torrents but I was unable to get any of them down due to the lack of torrent seeders making the collections available.

Interestingly none of the links I found linked to a copy or version of the picture above.

29th Sept, 2014. Here is my second pick for a spot on "My favourite pics".

She's is seriously cute and those white suspender stockings and gloss pearl (I know that because the girlfriend told me) peeptoe heels compliment her gorgeous little boobies perfectly. As usual the sexy heels just make the picture.

18th October, 2014. I really like this picture because of the colours (whites and pale lavenders), the sexy heels, and the old house used for the setting. She looks confident, classy, and very sexy sitting there in those heels.

13th November, 2014. A golden haired angel in black peep toe high heels. Surely worthy of being on my favourite pictures page ...

23rd November, 2014: These three were added from the one post on the main page. They are all pictures that were originally found and posted by the Christine's team (before I took over the site).

10th December, 2014: I find this picture really appealing. There is just something about it. This posting in the main page can be checked out here.

The picture here is bigger than the one on the main page. This picture is 1,500 pixels high when viewed full size (the one on the main page is 1,200 pixels).

3rd of February, 2015. My first 'favourite pic' posting for 2015. What a stunning and seriously sexy high heels picture.

You can see the posting of this picture in the main page here.

When viewed full size this image is 1,863 pixels high and 1.65MB in size.

27th Feb, 2015: I was trying to clean up my filing a bit because I am starting to get confused with what files are where and I tripped over the following picture which I posted in the main blog here as part of link review for "Heels and More Heels". I decided this lovely should by on my favourites page.

This version of the picture is 1,500 pixels tall (compared to the blog post which is 1,200).