Images seem to be getting lower in resolution

355[965] As I am sort of getting back into posting on my site, and as I look around at the various other high heels sites, it seems to me that the images being posted are dropping in size and/or resolution. I am not too sure why this would be the case.

One theory might be that most picture sites, such as Instagram and Facebook (and possibly Tumblr and WordPress), reduce the size and/or increase the compression of your posted images as you post them if they are considered too big. They do this because storage costs them money and even by just dropping the resolution on your posted pictures by 20 percent can reduce the size of the saved image by as much as 50 percent.

Plus, if you have already saved you picture with compression, which you are doing if you save it as a JPG—whether you know it or not—then compression done again as you upload it is compression on top of the compression you have done.

As a general rule, sites where you upgrade to the paid Pro version offer an option to not automatically reduce the size or resolution of your posted images.

I know for sure that SquareSpace, where this site is hosted, does not play with the size and/or compression of your posted images.

But, whatever the reason, I am finding that a much higher percentage of pictures on the sites I have been using no longer have hi-resolution images posted.

Following are a few examples of current posts.

As copied from the source site, this post is only 533 pixels wide and the compression is 50 percent.


This one is 555 pixels wide and the compression is a whopping 70 percent.


As you can see from the image on the right, when the compression is so high you really cannot even increase the size of the image even as much as a quarter because the slightest interpolated increase in size will start to introduce fuzziness—because, the high compression has thrown away so much information about the picture.

The image at right was enlarged using On1 Fractal enlargement, which is about the best way there is of enlarging raster images.

So when images that are being posted are compressed this much then even the best tools for enlarging pictures cannot do a good job.

As a comparison, while the following image is only 600 pixels wide, but the compression is only 15 percent. You can even tell the compression is low just by looking at it. The detail is much more defined.


When the compression is relatively low, depending on the quality of the starting picture, you can easily double the size and not introduce too much fog or fuzziness.

The following double-size enlargement taken from the above picture is reasonably acceptable although you can see loss of detail happening in the hair and the pendant.