Checking Links: Checking "Heels Land"

354[964] Something I do from time to time is check that the links on my "High Heels Links" page are still working. Normally I just do them all at the one time and then update the page. But this time I thought I would check them one-by-one and do some posts from each of those links that is still working—if they have anything worth posting.

In this post I am checking Heels Land. For readers that have previously not visited Heels Land this is what their banner used to look like.


But I don't really need to check this link, because I know that status of Heels Land and it is with a degree of sadness that I report that the guys at Heels Land are no longer posting. They have shut up shot. Or, as we might say here is Australia, they have taken their bat and ball and gone home.

If you try the Heels Land link you will get this . . .


As it happens I did exchange a number of e-mails with the Heels Land people and they offered me their site content and link to take over. Had I done so I would somehow merged Heels Land with Addictedtoheels. But, at the time I was not posting myself and was not sure I was actually going to do any more posting. However, here I am, back working on the site.

After I turned them down they then attempted to raise some funding via the IndieGoGo fund raising site to try and fund a bigger more professional presence on the web. I posted about this fund raising here.

But the bottom line is that they are gone.

Heels Land was the first link ever entered into my list of high heels links.

Following are a few pictures I grabbed from the old Heels Land site in remembrance. These grabs actually go back to 2015.

I have updated my links page accordingly.

The next link I will be checking is "Crazy for High Heels" and, on the upside, that link is still alive.