Ladies, I beg of you to wear your heels more

356[966] Life goes quickly, especially the magical years between 18 and 30. So ladies, don't put off wearing your sexy heels. Find every opportunity you can to flaunt your amplified sexiness in cock teasing heels. Don't get to your 30s when the power of wearing heels starts to decline and then wish you had worn heels a bit more often.

Instead of finding reasons not to wear your heels, find reason to wear them. To delight your hubby or boyfriend. To look and feel amazing. To soak up that aura of sexuality and sexual confidence. To get that look from passing men as they spot you in heels and take that second and third look at your legs, butt, and boobs. Knowing that as they walk past they are almost certainly going to try and catch a backwards look as well; not being able to resist because of the 'heels effect' on you body.

You don't need to wear 5" heels to get the desired effect. Research shows that even just a 3" foot-fall shoe will firm you legs, lift your butt, and curve you back to enhance the lift of your boobs. Personally I think a foot-fall of 4" is perfect, but I do agree that even 3" or even lower around 2" still catches my interest.

And don't wait until you are going 'somewhere special' in order to wear your exciters. If you wear heels then where ever you are going is special. Wear them. Look amazing. Feel sexy and confident.

Finally, heels go with anything. Absolutely anything. Jeans. Shorts. Skirts. Bikini. Naked. Anything.

Don't get to 35 and find yourself looking sadly at your collection of butt enhancing heels and then wishing you had found more reasons to flaunt your full sexiness in them.