Seriously !! Addictedtoheels is dangerous ??

390[1000] Seriously !! Addictedtoheels is dangerous ?? WTF !!

Very risky . . . sheeeez.

This is not what I intended as the 1,000th post to this site, but this morning as I checked the site using the Chrome browser I get the following.


This warning does not happen (yet, anyway) using the Microsoft Edge browser or the Opera browser. I don’t have FireFox installed so I cannot check with FireFox.

Trust me. Addictedtoheels is the same site it was six years ago when it was started. Has anyone ever picked up malicious code from this site? NO! There is no malicious code here. Nobody has ever managed to get into the site. SquareSpace logs all access and would alert me. I check login attempts every time I post. Nobody has ever even tried to get in.

As for there being pornography here, I say no. While I would agree the site is R rated (should probably only be viewed by minors with adult supervision—but I would even debate that these days) I am adamant there are no X rated posts here. No bare pussy. No sexual acts. No hint at sexual acts.

Just stunningly beautiful pictures of women looking amazing wearing sexy high heels.

With this 1,000th post is this the end of Addictedtoheels?

Not much point spending 20 to 30 minutes editing-up pictures and then doing the posts if the most popular browser on the Web is going to turn people away from my site.

Well, I will post my mandatory picture of a stunner in high heels that I put in every post. But most likely almost nobody is going to see it.