A better-than-usual selection from 4Chan this month

385[995] As readers would know, I check the 4Chan site from time to time—probably about monthly—for postings of cuties showing off their hotness in sexy high heels.

Finding pics of ladies in high heels on 4Chan is a little hit-and-miss. While there are generally always some postings of hotties in heels on 4Chan, often the quality is low with the pictures either being small, or they are larger but the person who resized them was not that skilled in upsizing JPGs.

However, today there was a pretty good quality thread of ladies in cock-hardening heels. After weeding out the lower quality shots and those shots that contained bare pussy I ended up with the following selection of five pictures worthy of posting here. Well, I thought so anyway.

I particularly like the next picture of this cutie showing off her high-heels enhanced hotness. Love the solid white stay-up stockings with the red +2 shoes. Very nice. Very sexy little primaries too. Seriously stunning.