Only one comment from last month

379[989] Just checking back over the last month or so there is only one comment. It is from “teethpullerpaul”, who we might assume is likely to be a dentist.

Paul, assuming that is his name, wants to know why I don’t post more high heels pictures showing pussy.

Firstly, the intention for this site is for it to be “R” rated and not “X” rated. As I have said before, if you found your 12 or 13 year old daughter looking at this site then you would not be too concerned.

Secondly, the primary subject of this site is sexy high heels and lovely ladies enjoying the heightened sex appeal that pours over them when they put those heels on. Once bare pussy is in the picture then, in my opinion anyway, the focus goes off the heels. Whenever pussy is in the shot then it gets all the attention.

She looks so fabulous just soaking up the enhanced sexual power that those magical heels are bestowing upon her.