Editing exercise . . . see through bride's dress (I think)


381[991] I really like this picture. Apart from the awesome heels, which absolutely make the picture work as well as it does, there is other stuff going on here that I really like.

The original of this picture is 442K (482x by 918y)—shown at right, when viewed on a PC monitor anyway. It might not show at right when viewed on a mobile device.

Using ON1 Fractal Resize along with some fine spot editing via Photoshop I brought it up to 1.03M (735x by 1,398) with negligible loss.

This shot is so amazing. If anyone has a larger original version of it then please let me know the link or e-mail me the picture.

The pose is just about perfect. The face, the loosely entangled in her hair, her arm resting casually on her leg, her graceful silky legs, and then, obviously, those sexually enhancing heels just add that +2 effect.

An amazing picture. Well worth the time I put into it to make it a bit bigger—along with a few other minor enhancements.

I initially thought it was some kind of amazing bride’s dress. But the more I think about it, this would just be too stunning for a bride. Fantasy bridal wear maybe?