Thinking about re-posting from the past

372[982] My beautiful lady has made a suggestion about my postings on this site.


She has actually spent some time looking back over old posts and she has suggested that I go back over some of the past posts and kind of re-post them.

This kind of sounds like a good idea. Even if I just pick on posts between when the site was started by Christine and her friends and up to December 2015.

Her theory is that most new visitors to this site are most likely only going back two or three pages at most. So they look at maybe 15 posts. They/you miss out on all the much older posts.

So I am thinking of trying this out.

For those that know the history of this site, I will most likely not re-post articles from the period of my ex-girlfriend. But I can still re-post the pictures from those posts without the text.

If you think this is a bad idea then do a ‘Like’ on this post.

Just to say that again because it is kind of backwards, only click on the ‘Like’ if you think I should not do re-posts of pictures and text from old posts and some of the text up to December 2015.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of this stunner in her high heels showing us what she has on under her overcoat.