Lower-res but worth 'saving' and posting

376[986] As you would know, I generally try to use high resolution pictures for my posts. But I often come across pictures that are either smaller than I would like or are low resolution pictures that, for one reason or another, are really worth posting.

Here is a collection of four such images.

This first picture was 900 pixels wide, which is not too bad. But the resolution was shocking. I suspect it had either been upsized by someone who did not know what they were doing, or it had been saved as a JPG one time too many—every time you save a JPG file the resolution is reduced, even though you might have the slider at 100% … it still loses resolution.

I have tried to ‘recover’ it a bit by applying a small amount of Gaussian Blur and then warming it up a little.

The next picture was only 450 pixels wide, which is very small for a landscape image. I upscaled it to 1,000 pixels wide using Photoshop’s new Enlarge 2.0 tool, and then did a small amount of sharpening to bring back the crispness that upsizing loses.

The next picture was overexposed and only 600 pixels wide. I have tried to being the exposure back to about where it should be, brought the black up a bit, and enlarged it to 900 pixels wide.

This final picture was a serious challenge. It was only 350 pixels wide. But I really wanted to try and ‘recover’ it. I tried getting it better a number of times. I could not make it much bigger than 900 pixels wide without it becoming too patchy.

In the end I used Photoshop’s new enlarge tool to make it 900 pixels wide, then did noise removal to make it softer, then finally brought up the saturation a bit to bring out the pink flowers to her left.

I hope that you would agree they were worthy of posting even though of the relatively low resolution.