Jeans and high heels—still my favourite look

377[987] As old visitors to my site will know, I especially like the look of sexy high heels when worn with blue jeans. I really like this look. I think it is seriously sexy.

I would also like to comment on how the photographer has lit this scene. I think he has broad lighting off to his right, indicated by the shadows of the steel stairs on the wall to the left of the model. But I am pretty sure he also has point lights on her shoes. I think he has gone to the trouble of two point lights, one on each shoe or foot.

Notice the shine coming off the metal studs on the back of the high heels, and the pools of light on the floor and iron girder against her right foot. Also the shadow from her left foot and shoe that is at a different angle to the broad lighting and is a little harder—indicating it is not coming from the broad light.

So, this shot took some setting up. Very nicely done and really like how he has highlight the sexy shoes with separate lights.

Just a quick thought here: Since I restarted posting there have been no comments and no e-mails. Please post comments if you have any input. Also tell me if you know of any sites with good high heels pictures. However, do remember this is very much an “R” rated site and not “X” rated. No sex scenes, no pussy. Just pictures of beautiful women showing off their enhanced hotness in sexy high heels.

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