Checking my links: Girls in Dress and Heels

318[928] What I like about the "Girls in Dress and Heels" site is that it features lots of pictures of beautiful ladies out in the wild showing off their amazing hotness in sexy high heels.

I am happy to report that this site is still there and being updated.

Following, as usual, is a small selection of pictures from Girls in Dress and Heels for you to assess for relative hotness.

While I am not really much of a fan of wedge or really high platform heels, and the heels the hottie above is wearing are wedge heels with a high platform, I actually really like this picture. I am reasonably sure this picture is not posed, which makes it even sexier.

I have done a lot of enhancing of the original picture to remove heaps of digital noise, and to clam down the over-exposure from the windows in the background, and also to improve the colour. Before all that work this picture looked like a typical crappy smartphone picture taken in low light.

I like the picture above because she looks like she is having fun showing off her great legs in those sexy heels and I love to see hotties soaking up the fun of showing off their hotness in heels.

This is another picture taken in a rustic old setting. I love these old settings. If I were to be blessed such that I could take great pictures of beautiful girls in high heels then I would be trying to find all the old rustic furniture I could and making up settings using them. I would hire or buy some old factory or warehouse and have old furniture settings set up in every corner.

Also it is amazing how some of the clothes that these amazing ladies wear actually manages to stay on thier bodies.

I don't usually post pictures where you cannot see the stunners face, but I just really liked this picture.

As I mentioned at the start, this site tends to feature a lot of 'in the wild' pictures or pictures of amateur models taken by amateur photographers. Because of this many of the pictures are not usually well lit or are a little blurry or have a lot of digital noise. But, on the upside, it is always nice to see normal girls enjoying the cock-arousing power of wearing sexy high heels.