Checking my links: Just Heels

317[927] Today I checked the Just Heels site to see if it was still up and running. And it is.

Here are a few awesome pictures from Just Heels today.

I am a big fan of women wearing their heels around the house. And if they want to do it naked then, really, who is going to complain?

Kind of subtly sexy red high heels being shown off in a nice rustic outdoors setting. She feels so sexy in those heels she is really thrusting her primary sexual attractors nicely forward.

As I am sure I have mentioned before in one or more previous posts, those photographers at Playboy sure do know how to photograph sexy naked ladies wearing nothing but high heels.

As is the case for all these posts where I am checking my links, you can find the link to Just Heels on my High Heels Links page from the sidebar.

Bare Pussy Alert /// If you go and check out Just Heels you will encounter some pictures where the lovely ladies are showing their entrance to heaven. However they are not blatant bare pussy pictures.