ANZAC Day 2017

328[938] Here in Oz it is ANZAC Day. This is the national day when all Australian's take a little time to remember and think about all those that we have sent off to wars around the world to help protect our way of life, and the way of life for most of the 'western world'. My father had two stints in the Vietnam war and, probably as result of this, I have read a bit about this war and watched a number of documentaries over the years.

I suppose no wars are very pretty. War is HELL! Seriously horrible stuff happens. Stuff that can never be explained or even talked about. But I think the Vietnam war was particularly ugly, but that might only be because we have full colour pictures available of it as well as graphic video.

I know they are dead. Therefore they can't really be thanked. You can't thank someone who is dead. The whole purpose of thanking someone for anything is to make them feel good about doing it.

But we can remember them and I think that is a worthwhile thing to do.

When I started this post I was not going to post a sexy lady picture with it, but as it progressed I changed my mind. I am sure that one of the Top 5 things that those that went to war to fight for was to provide a happy fun-filled future for our pretty girls.

So then the problem became which picture to post. I must have gone through about 1,500 high heels pictures before I finally decided to post this.

No high heels.

For those that don't know her, this is Jennifer Hawkins. Miss Universe 2004, and seriously Aussie.