Blue jeans with high heels--a very sexy combination

327[937] Anyone who has been coming to this site for a while will be aware of my serious addiction to the seriously arousing look of a sexy lady wearing blue jeans and high heels. So when I came across this series it held my attention for some time.

Is it just me, or is there a positive glow on her face as she shows of her hotness in jeans and heels?

Just look at the superb jobs those heels are doing, with her butt being perfectly lifted and jutting out, the sexy tilt on her pelvis, and her primary assets (her tittes) thrusted nicely forward.


Then to totally and utterly spoil us she takes her shirt of to show the full effect of those amazing heels. So so amazing. Look at that pelvis tilt and the lifted butt. OMG!!

I have no idea who this model is, but I want to send her a huge "Thank You" for demonstrating to us the amazing effect of high heels on a woman's bode, and so beautifully and perfectly.