Checking my links: Beautiful Women

323[933] Continuing the exercise of checking the links from my"High Heels Links" page (which you can find in the sidebar) I am up to the second last site on the list, which is Beautiful Women.

I am happy to report that this site is still there and posting.

While all of the ladies posted on the Beautiful Women site are for sure easy on the eyes, only about every 10th picture or so features a stunner wearing heels. Here are some pictures of high heeled lovelies that I have picked from the site today.

I like the look of tattered jeans with sexy heels.

"Hon. Does this dress work with these heels?"

Okay. In this shot the camera is obviously not focussed on those sexy heels. It is clearly focusses on her boobies. But, in my defence, she is wearing ragged jeans and she does have heels on.

Again, the sexy heels are not in sharp focus, but she is cute and she is wearing sexy heels.

Lots of material in that dress, but fortuneatley it does not cover much of the important parts of her body.

As always, every picture has been digitally enhanced in some way to make it look just a little bit better and pictures will enlarge when clicked (depending on the size of your screen and your browser window).