Time to check 4chan

322[932] Every now and then I check 4Chan for forums featuring hotties in high heels in the "/s/" group or the "/hr/" group.

Here are a few I found tonight.

Hope you like them.

I find this picture (above) very appealing. The lighting on this picture is superb. Her shoes are beautifully lit.

I am 90 precent sure I have posted this stunner in her fake leopard skin heels before. But, even so, she is worth posting again.

Love that old couch she is leaning on. Not too sure about those pearls around her ankles.

Miranda Kerr from "/hr/". Looking stunning as always, with those seriously sexy heels magnifying her hotness perfectly.

The blue panty-hose caught me eye with this one. Though I am generally not a huge fan of panty-hose (not to be confused with stockings, of which I am a huge fan), these blue hose do look sexy. Especially matched with those black mary-jane style strap heels. It helps that the model herself is pretty cute and has very nice primaries.