You can also share you best heels pictures with us

315[925] As well as sharing any of your favourite high heels sites (requested in my last post) you can also share any of your favourite pictures of stunners in high heels for posting here. You can send them to the e-mail address encoded into the sidebar as part of the picture of the red strappy heels (so that search engines can't decode it).

If you ask then I 100% guarantee not to mention your nickname or e-mail address.

Any pictures submitted should obviously feature beautiful ladies showing off their sexiness in amazing high heels. Please, no pictures showing bare pussy or depicting sex acts (with men or toys). Basically, don't submit any pictures you would not be comfortable with your 12 to 15 year old daughter seeing. Bare butt is okay, bare boobies okay, and obviously long sexy legs are okay.

Also, if the pictures are of someone you know like your wife or girlfriend, please ensure you have their permission first.