Checking my links: Crazy for High heels is still up

307[917] I am happy to report that the site "Crazy for High Heels" from my high heels links page is still up and running.

Following are a couple of pictures from the site today.

Firstly, showing of her hotness in 4" foot-fall heels with red jeans, is Lyndsy Fonseca.

For my second choice from Crazy for High Heels, I think you would have to agree that this stunner's heels are having the desired affect on her butt and legs--and I think she sure know it.

And here is a bonus third picture. I typically don't post images with more than one beauty in them but I do like this shot. I like the setting of the old style room--complete with an old gramaphone in the background, that old fireplace, and the old looking floor rug. All the bare legs and high heels certainly help make this picture as well.