More sexy high heels pictures and less text

305[915] As I work to get this site going again, on advice from mates and my new partner, I am going to try and keep the amount of text in each post much smaller. But, having said that, one of the things that made this site different from hundreds, and maybe thousands, of other similar sites across the Web that feature pictures of sexy high heels is that I don't simply re-post the pictures that I find.

Firstly, as regular readers will know, every picture is edited-up in some way. Even if it is just cropped so that the heels feature more. But most times there is other editing-up that has been done to make the sexy heels stand out more … such as digital noise removal and/or colour enhancement and/or re-sizing (usually to make the picture bigger).

Also, I add some text with each picture. Hopefully, in most cases anyway, people find this added text interesting … but I will try and keep it briefer that in the past.

"Are you sure these stockings work with these heels?"