Time to check my links and see that they all still work

339[949] I last checked that the links on my links page all still worked back in April this year (2017). I think it is probably time to check them again.

The first problem I hit was when I tried the link to Sweet Heels. I got the following.


I can assure you that my browser is NOT in safe mode. So I think that the people at Sweet Heels have put their site into Tumblr 'Safe' mode. Which then requires you to create an account to get into the site.


This situation got even more interesting when I tried the link to Just Heels. I got the same thing. I needed to create an account before I could access the site. Only this time the blocking page was pink.

And then the same thing when trying to access the Beautiful Women site. Very odd.

I suspect that maybe Yahoo, who I think now owns Tumblr, is going through and getting people with Tumblr sites with X,XX, or XXX rated content to enable the requirement for those who want to access them to create an account.

On the upside, all the links on my links page still work. But some of them now require that you login.

If my theory is correct about Yahoo wanting X, XX, and XXX sites blocked with the requirement for you to login, then I guess we can expect many of the other sites on Tumblr ending up like this.