Thinking of getting ON1 Perfect Resize

341[951] Now that I think I am back into a posting routine I am thinking (again) about getting ON1 Perfect Resize so that I can better increase the size of smaller high heels pictures that I find on the Web. One of the aims of my site is post the pictures that I find looking better than how I found them. Which is why some single posts can take up to two hours to get to the published point.

However, so often I come across a picture of a stunner in high heels that I really like, but it is just too small to post here; and even after using my resizing techniques it still does not work out very good.

I would be very interested if anyone has used ON1 Resize and how they have found it for upsizing JPGs from the Web. I have no doubt that it works quite well when upsizing a picture taken using a good digital camera, where there is lots of information in the file even if the picture is small. But the trouble with images off the Web is that they are not only small, but they have been compressed significantly and compressing--which has nothing to do with the size of the picture--removes so much information from the picture file that could be used in upsizing it.

For whatever reason, ON1 never seem to have a free trial available for this this product.