Time for some pictures from 4Chan

338[948] I have not been to 4Chan for a long time. I am going to say that I have not been to 4Chan at all this year--until now.

It is interesting how you can sort of forget about some sites you used to visit semi-regularly.

Anyway, so here are six pictures of not-too-bad quality that I pulled of 4Chan for you today.

I am NOT a fan of ladies with tattoos, but this first picture won me over with all the vivid colours and the bright blue heels.

I did a post once about the places models have to pose for their sexy high heels pictures. This would have been a good example to include in that post.

Like the red heels with the black dress--which looks like it could be leather.

This next one was quite small (360x800), but I thought it was worth posting and I have done my best to up-size it without it becoming to crappy.

This picture still had the Exif data on it and it was taken using a Samsung S7 smartphone. To me this suggests this was taken by a boyfriend or husband of their girlfriend or wife. No 'professional' or even semi-professional pictures are taken using a smartphone.

I must confess, I do find the thought of her naked in high heels looking out a motel or apartment window quite arousing. I wonder if she did too?

Not too sure what she is stretching out on, but it does not look that comfy.