An addiction to ladies in high heels = Altocalciphillia

333[943] Back in June I got an e-mail from "Ding Ding" (seriously, that was his/her signature—honest) who pointed out that the clinical name for males like me who are very addicted to looking at lovely ladies wearing high heels is altocalciphilia.

I have no idea how to pronounce that.

I clipped the above picture from here for anyone who wants to have a look at it. The name of the site is Retifism and Fetishism.

But getting back to altocalciplilia, I totally do not agree with the thinking above that the attraction of high heels relates to " ... a primal instinct to identify lame prey". No way.

For me, seeing a woman in high heels somehow amplifies her femaleness and sexual attraction. And the fact that she knows her heels will have this affect on most red-blooded men that set eyes on her, and she still chooses to wear them and be seen in them, then that double-amplifies the effect.

Then there is the following from the sex dictionary (here).

Based on the above definition then altocalciphilia can also refer to women who are addicted to wearing heels.

So thanks to Ding Ding for finding the for me/us. At least now I have a name for my affliction—along with the 85 percent or so of heterosexual males in the world that share this complaint with me (to varying degrees).

Here are a couple of picture to help you contemplate and consider this knew knowledge.

Enjoy . . . .