A little play around editing up a picture

201[901] Looking around at the various sites today I came across a picture I have come across a number of times before. It is a Playboy Centrefold picture, but I am kind of sad to say that I don’t know who the pretty lady is.

I was about to skip over it because the quality is quite low, but then I decided I would try my hand at digitally enhancing it.

My girlfriend is still heave with her cold/flu so we are not going out anywhere.

Below, side by side, is the before and after. Obviously (well I hope it's obvious) the before version is on the left, and my digitally enhanced version is on the right.

This would almost certainly have been a paper picture that was scanned.

I put about an hour into enhancing this picture. It starts off being too red and this comes about due to the age of the picture when it was scanned, and this is amplified as an outcome of the scanning process. As gloss magazine prints age, even in a pitch dark room, they tend to take on a red cast. Most optical scanners make this red cast even worse. You can see it in the floor and in her tee-shirt (yes she is, it's just above her boobs).

So I removed the red cast and then brought back her flesh tones. Notice that with the red cast removed the white stool is now looking more white, as is the white of her hooker or street-corner whore heels.

Next I increased the blur factor of the background and de-saturated is a tiny bit (i.e., removed some of the colour) so that she stands out a bit more from the picture. It's a busy setting and she does tend to get a bit lost in the surrounds—even with her primary sexual attractors pointed directly at the viewer.

Then I worked on the heels to try and give them a little more definition, but this is a challenge as they are actually not on the focal plain, which is photography talk for saying "they are a little bit out of focus". But I did manage to bring them back a bit and added a bit of Photoshops de-blur effect.

I am pretty pleased with this. I am giving myself a solid 8 out of 10.

And now, in all its glory, a big version of the finished work. And, I ask you, just amazing does she look in those hooker heels? They fit her perfectly, which is so important.

Oh ... anyone know her name? I would like to put it in the posting. She is Miss April in Playboy but I have no idea of the year.