900th post—girlfriend's picks

290[900] Assuming I did not stuff up the count anywhere along the way this is the 900th overall post to Addicted-to-Heels and the 290th post done by me since taking over this site from Christine and Justin. What I don't know is how many pictures of beautiful ladies showing off their hotness in sexy heels that relates to.

I know that when Christine's crew first started this site they only posted one picture with each posting. But I don't think that lasted very long. I think that probably after the first 100 postings they were putting two and three pictures in each post. And since I have been posting (290 posts ago) I have varied between two and five, with sometime seven; and up to 16 when I do the posts of pictures that are not quite good enough for a normal post.

If we take an average of three pictures per post since the beginning then that would mean that we have posted 2,700 pictures of hotties in heels since that first posting back in August 2012.

Following is the very first post.

That's a tiny bit sad. It only has 5 likes after all this time.

The three pictures in this post were selected by my girlfriend, who, for anyone paying attention, is still sick in bed with her cold/flu (whatever). Just her luck to catch a cold over a long weekend—not that she works on Mondays anyway., and not that we had planned to go away anywhere for the long weekend (too much traffic on the holiday roads on long weekends).