Girlfriend home with the cold

288[898] My personal stunning little heel wearer (i.e., my girlfriend) did not go to work today. She noticed she was getting a sore throat last night and this morning she had a nasty cold … or is it a flu … I never know the difference. As my work is pretty slow now during the winter (not too many houses or offices getting windows tinting done) I wasn't working today so I have been able to stay home and look after her.

While I hate it when she is sick, on the other side I do like getting to look after her like this. Getting her coffee, food, and Panadol (she gets headaches when she gets a cold). Lying next to her in bed watching TV, and after she decided to get out of bed at about midday then sitting with her watching TV.

Right now she is snoozing on the lounge.

She hopes to be better tomorrow so she can go to work because one of the salesmen is leaving and they are doing a small leaving party for him.