By request (sort of)—Featuring fishnet stockings

298[908] I am not a very big fan of fishnet stockings but I have a couple of friends who are. At their suggestion/request I have tried to find some pictures of cuties showing off their hotness in high heels wearing fishnet stockings.

It was actually not that easy finding useful quality pictures of ladies in fishnet stockings and wearing high heels. Even though there are a few sites that have such pictures, for whatever reason the posted pictures tend to be of quite low quality. There were lots of pictures showing just the legs but no face and/or no heels, and one of my 'rules' is that the stunner's face must be at least partially revealed.

Hence a couple of the following pictures are not of the quality typically posted on this site; even after applying my digital enhancement skills they are still not the best.

This next one is kind of interesting. I cannot work out if the fishnet stockings are part of the dress or not. Is the dress under the fishnet 'top'? But the fishnet top looks too even and perfect to be on over the top of the dress. I am almost certain the fishnet part is part of the dress—it is all the one garment. But my girlfriend thinks it is separate and that it was just very carefully adjusted before the picture was taken.

I realise that fishnet stockings are supposed to be sexy and slutty but for me, if the girls were not wearing high heels with them, the fishnets by themselves would border on boring. FIshnet stockings alone do nothing for me.

A couple of years ago when we were back in Australind my girlfriend went to the trouble of buying a pair of garter-belt style in dark yellow panty-hose fishnets (where the fake garter belt is part of the hose) to wear to a bros and hoes party. Because they are not my thing I don't think she has ever worn them since. I am not sure she even still has them.