Showing off my picture enlarging skills

297[907] As a general rule I don't post pictures that are less than 1400 pixels wide for landscape orientation pictures, or 1000 pixels high for tall pictures. Because of this there are a lot of pictures that I really like that I don't post. Although I have done a couple of 'special' group postings where I have posted a collection of under-sized pictures in the one posting.

However, over the last few months I have been finding ways to enlarge pictures using Photoshop while still keeping them to a reasonable quality.

Following is an example. The first picture is as it was saved from the Web. The second picture is my digitally enhanced picture with a 50% size increase.

As well as resizing the image I have corrected to the colour (the original has a blue colour cast), applied a slight degree of de-haze (the original seemed a little foggy to me),  and added my border. That's all.

Please give me a "Like" if you think my enlargement looks okay--anyone who has tried enlarging pictures will know the problems that can occur.

OR ... if you know a way of enlarging images using Photoshop that provides a better outcome then PLEASE let me know. You can e-mail (by using the cleverly disguised e-mail address on this page--in the sidebar), or you can leave a comment maybe with a link to a site. But remember, all I have is Photoshop and I don't really want to have to buy and learn any special enlarging software.