Trying out the girlfriend's Surface Pro

296[906] Life is much better. My own personal high heels wearer has returned from her few days down at Australind. She came back yesterday afternoon. It is so so good to have her back.

On the downside she has to go to work at midday.

I am currently using her Surface Pro 3 to do this post. I wanted to see how hard, or not, it was using Photoshop on the Surface Pro screen. It is not as 'good' as working with a full sized monitor but hopefully the following picture has worked out okay.

I love the yellow cock-teasing heels matched with the pink bikini bottom.

When I do the borders I almost always use the picker tool to sample a key colour from the image and then use that for the border. I wanted to use the yellow from those amazing eye-catching heels but when I tried it the border did not look right. So I ended up sampling the bikini bottom.

I also increased the highlights in her hair, and the picture has been up-sized from 900 pixels tall to 1200 pixels tall ... which is always challenging to do.

Obviously it also helps that she has her beautiful primaries thrust forward like that to full effect.