Must be time for a new feature site--Bonerstarters

293[903] It's a long time since I did a feature site posting.

Bonerstarters is a site I check from time to time. The problem with Bonerstarters is that a lot of the pictures show bare pussy, but now and then there are some great 'normal' sexy high heels pictures.

Bonerstarters is also a bit different to a lot of high heels and general sex sites in that, as is the case for Addicted-to-Heels, they have a registered domain. So they are not a sub-site of Tumblr or Wordpress or Blogspot.

Like most such sites around the Web, Bonerstarters sources pictures from many of the other sites featuring stunners in sexy high heels, but sometimes Bonerstarters do find picture that I am not seeing on the other sties.

I like the name of this site. The term "bonerstarters" is actually in the Addicted-to-Heels lexicon. I promise you that I put that in there before I came across the site of the same name. Honest.

But the name 'bonerstarters' explains so well one of the primary effects of sexy high heels on us heterosexual males; they make our cocks get excited.

Here is a very colourful picture of a stunner in bonerstarter heels.

The link to Bonerstarters is provided after the next picture. I have left it until last because I just want to make the point again that while Bonerstarters does have a lot of amazing picture of hotties in heels that are not showing off their pussy there are batches of picture where bare pussy is featured.

Here is the link to Bonerstarters.

I will add this site to the links page.