Had to post this scroll-stopper

My amazing girlfriend has gone down to Australind for the weekend so I am alone in the apartment. It is kind of odd. Since we got together we have rarely been apart. It is just not quite the same sitting here sipping my coffee without her moving around doing all those little things she finds to do--move this, move that, tell me off for leaving something in the wrong place. I miss her already. I can actually hear the clock ticking. I think I need to turn the radio on.

But sitting her sipping my coffee I did come across the following scroll-stopping picture on 4Chan and I just had to post it.

Is that a scroll-stopper or not? I love this picture. Those black and orange heels look seriously amazing, and the arch of her foot rides up into the heel rest perfectly on both shoes.


The above picture is exactly as I found it. Because I just can't help myself, the following version is how I would have cropped it. And I have changed the border by putting a thin black line before the orange border. I also spot fixed the white lights in the background.

But whatever ... it is a scroll-stopper of a picture.