For the ladies: Some tips to ensure your heels 'work'—Part 1 "Wedges Don't Work"

280[890] This rather long post done in two parts has been put together for the sexy ladies that (I hope) visit my site. This post was put together in bits and pieces over about a three week period. It was originally all one post but my girlfriend said it was way too long and suggested I split it into two posts. So here is the first part.

Ladies, by ensuring that your heels 'work' I am referring to the sexual arousal effect they have on most nearby males—that they catch their attention and cause that rush of heightened sexual desirability. Men reading this know what I mean. That little need they get when they see a lady at the office or out-and-about wearing fuck-me heels. That fleeting spark that flashes through a heterosexual male's brain. That split second where they wish they could put their hand in their pants and do a quick cock adjustment while taking in the arousing effect of those high heels she is wearing.

While almost all high heels work to some degree, as one of the estimated 85 percent of heterosexual males who are sexually excited by the sight of ladies wearing sexy heels I would like to share the following tips with any sexy lady readers who want to ensure their heels are working to maximum effect.

The first secret is that wedge heels, at best, for the majority of us males, only work about a quarter as well as open heeled high heels—if at all. Note that it's not that all wedge heels totally don't work; it's that their sexual arousing capability rating is significantly lower than for open heeled shoes. However, having said that, there is a small percentage of heel-adoring males that are obsessed with wedge heels.

I tried to find some statistics about wedge heels on the Web and have put some of my findings in this post as pictures. However, after talking this over with my personal consulting group we agreed that the number of men for whom wedge heels work as well as 'normal heels' is probably not more than about 5 percent of the 85 percent. So by wearing wedge heels those females are severely reducing their arousal impact quotient.

As you can see from article above "Men Hate Your Wedges" that I found from The Gloss on-line magazine, 71 percent of the men who responded voted that wedge heels were the least sexually arousing shoes a woman could wear. They even rated them worse than Ugg boots. They even rated worse than Crocs. I would not have rated them as quite that bad.

The following article from Cosmopolitan Magazine covers the results from another survey done by CouponCodes4u. The headline "What shoes do men hate women wearing? Survey says wedges are a turn-off!" sort of sums it all up and it features a picture of Kate Middleton wearing some seriously unflattering wedge heels.

The thought at the end from Troy Munns is a bit harsh. He says "Wedge shoes look like bales of straw strapped to feet with cat collars, but the worst thing about them is that make women walk like Muffin the Mule" and he suggests the reader should Google Muffin the Mule. I did. Muffin the Mule is a marionette mule so you can image how he walks.

As I said. A bit harsh.

Even so, as I mentioned at the start, a small percent of the 85 percent of men who are sexually aroused by high heels do actually find that wedges do work. If this group is 5 percent of the 85 percent then that means something like about 4 percent of all men do get something from wedge heels. It's a rather small target group, but even so there are some sites that cater to this group. There is a Web site Nothing But Wedges. Really. There actually is.

Following is a collection of pictures from "Nothing But Wedges". Obviously I have tried to find the sexiest ones I could.

With this first one you have to try and ignore that she has her primary sexual attractors (boobies) on display ... if that is even possible. Maybe put your hand over her bare boobies so you can better evaluate the arousal quotient (discovered a new word :-) ) of the wedge heels.

For me, they don't even really work that well with jeans, and jeans with high heels is one my most favourite sexy looks.

Even the amazing photographers at Playboy struggle to get any that extra sexual arousal magic working with wedges in the picture. They almost detract from the picture. She would have been better off going barefoot.

With the following four pictures do your best to try and ignore that the stunning ladies have their primary sexual attractors on display and just evaluate the relative sexiness of the wedge heels without being distracted by their magical boobies.

So ladies, the lesson here is that wedge high heels don't really 'work' except fin the case of a very small percentage of men. Unlike normal high heels that significantly enhance a woman's hotness—whether she be fully clothed, semi-nude, or nude—wedges contribute almost no sexiness enhancement effect. In fact the surveys suggest wedges could even have a negative effect on her relative hotness rating.

For me personally, and I have been addicted to high heels since I was about 15 or 16, I am certainly in the group that do not consider wedges sexy and I am yet to come across a guy in that theoretical small percentage of men that apparently do find wedges arousing.