Close-up on one of my subtle 'digital enhancements'

287[897] I tend to waffle on a bit about how every picture posted on this site is digitally enhanced in some subtle little way, but it's true—they are.

Here is an example from the last posting with the before image on the left and the after image on the right.

If you click on either picture it will open up, and then you can swipe left or right to go between the two pictures on a mobile device, or on a normal computer you can click the arrow to move back and forth.

A number of enhancements were done to this picture before it was posted including removing some shadow from her face and putting a border around the image. But the particular enhancement I was to show you is the colour, vibrance, and sharpening enhancement to her sexy shoes.

Notice how in the after shot (the picture on the right in both cases) is brighter and richer? In the close up of her sexy heels you can see how I have enhanced the colour and sharpness of the shoes.

You would have seen the following picture of this beauty showing off in her YSL Tribute heels around on other sites that feature stunners enhancing their hotness by wearing sexy high heels; but you would not quite have seen it with the snap and vibrance in this picture. I put about half an hour into 'bringing this picture up'.

I don't spend half an hour on all pictures I enhance, but some beauties in their heels are just worth that extra bit of attention. I guess on average I probably do about 5 to 10 minutes per picture.