Heels 'work' for the same reason boobies do

284[894] A question I have often asked is: What is it that makes high heels so sexually arousing to most heterosexual men?

If you ask this question of the Web you find many theories about why men are aroused by high heels. For many of us males there does not even have to be a woman wearing the sexy heels for us to get a whiff of arousal—but the sexual arousal impact of high heels is certainly better if they are being worn by a cutie showing off her sexiness.

Well during a recent conversation someone said something quite profound in relation to this question. She said, as close as I can remember it, "It's the same reason that boobs make men horny".

Wow. What an insight. And the more I thought about this the more I realised that she is most likely exactly right.

But the problem with this almost perfect answer is that, if you search the Web for the reason why boobs 'work', the answer is exactly the same as it is for why sexy high heels 'work'—the experts don't really know why; they just do. There are tons of theories and possible reasons, but the bottom line is that they don't really know why heterosexual men are besotted by boobs.

We do know that the human female is the only mammal who's breast are full and engorged even when she is not pregnant; and that this is most likely part of the natural sexual attraction of human males to females. But as to why this is the case ... no real reason is known. It is just so.

Well, high heels are much the same. They just 'work' and while there are many theories as to why this is so, and I have probably read them all, none of these theories really hits the sweet spot. They might all be small contributing factors, but none of them is the big final link.

So maybe it is just like the massive sexual power that boobies have over heterosexual men—we don't know the real reason and probably never will. It is just somehow wired into our simple male brains the boobs are amazing, as are high heels.

I guess one huge advantage that high heels have over bare boobies is that ladies can show off their cock-teasing hotness by wearing high heels wherever and whenever they like; whereas they cannot go bare breasted with the same freedom and ease.