Thanks to all the amazing ladies who wear their heels

282[892] As I do from time to time, I just want to take a small break here and thank all those amazing ladies that share their high-heeled hotness with us hopeless visually-driven men. I promise you that it doesn't go unnoticed even though it may seem so at times—us men are just very good at stealth-staring and general sexual-ogling.

The vast majority of us heterosexual males really do appreciate it. Spotting a girl out and about in cock-teasing heels adds a splash of excitement and colour to the general grey dullness of life.

Unlike you women, us men are very visually stimulated; hence the sight of a lady in high heels is a real treat for the sexual senses. And a female in high heels also sends that subtle message, and sometimes not so subtle message, that she needs to be desired. It's a general rule of nature that the female wants to be desired, and this works out rather well because men like to desire. Perfect really. Almost like it was designed that way.

As I am sure I have said somewhere before in a past blog (if not in multiple past blogs), the right high heels can transform even the plainest female into a desirable vision of sexiness.

Again: Thank you ladies.