Featuring high-heeled boots

283[893] At the suggestion of an old mate—who, along with my amazing girlfriend, was one of the 'team' that encouraged me to try running this site—this post is dedicated to sexy boots.

Now, while almost all high heels 'work' to some degree, I am personally not a huge fan of high heeled boots. Which most likely explains why there are not many posts in the past that feature boots.

If for me your standard 4" footfall high heels in a nice sandal or sling-back style 'work' 100%, then a 4" footfall boots are probably about 60% effective.

Following are some pictures of hotties showing off their sexiness in boots; just for those of you for whom boots 'work' 100%.

Regular visitors will know that I am a huge fan of jeans with high heels. I just love that look. But I am really not getting the same effect from jeans with boots.

Ankle boots kind of work for me. More than knee or thigh boots do anyway.

The boots in this last picture look REALLY expensive.