End of April—some stats, for anyone interested

279[889] It is the last day of April here in sunny Perth—yes, it is sunny today for a change this week. It is 10:37 a.m. and I am sitting out on our little balcony—which I have come to really enjoy—looking at the statistics for my site for the month.

My amazing girlfriend is getting ready to go out for day in the Swan Valley with her friends (as they ca itll, but it's not much of a valley really). But the Swan Valley has become popular now with all the coffee shops, micro-breweries, cafes, restaurants, and cellar doors (places where vineyards show off their wares to people shopping for wine).

So I will be home alone until about 4:00 p.m. or there-abouts (spell checker doesn't like 'abouts' but I am leaving it there anyway). But that is okay. I am going to scan some sites looking for pictures to add to my pending folder then watch some shows on TV, starting with a review of Ep 1 of the latest Game of Thrones. I have seen it once but I like to watch them at least twice before the next Ep comes out.

Anyway, as I said, I was looking at the statistics for my site and I thought I would share some.

Firstly, I have finally had a month where I averaged over 200 unique visitors per day for the month. I managed an average of 219 per day.

My peak day was the 28th April with 263 unique visitors (the number on the RHS).

This is kind of exciting. Maybe I can get a peak day of 300 by the middle of the year?

Far and away the main operating system used to access my site is desktop Windows. Just over 50 percent of the visitors to my site are using desktop Windows. This is kind of good to see because it means these people get the full benefit of all my larger posts—assuming they click on them to open them.

The last bit of interesting (or not) data is the the main browser used is Chrome.

And now here is what you came to see. Beautiful women looking ridiculously sexy wearing their cock-teasing high heels.

I had three goes at editing this following picture up to how I wanted it. Seriously. The following picture took about 45 minutes to get it like this. Make sure you enlarge it to appreciate and enjoy it.

Even my borders are generally carefully selected. In the following picture the border is black and red. The black was sampled from her sexy high heels, and the red was sampled from her lips.

The next time I go for a job interview I want her to be interviewing me.

Although, maybe not. I probably wouldn't be able to answer any of the questions due to the blood draining from my brain and going into my cock.