Getting used to apartment living

276[886] I find that I am gradually getting used to apartment living. It would be fair to say that I wasn’t that sure about the idea when the girlfriend first started talking about it. But she was really keen to see what it was like and she assured me it would be fun, and anyway if we didn’t like it we just had to stick it out for the six months and then don’t renew and rent somewhere else.

But now I have pretty much become used to parking in the ‘basement’ and then catching an elevator (or lift, depending what you like to call it) up to our floor; and vice-versa—taking the elevator down whenever I want to go out anywhere in the car.

I even like our big bedroom, which sort of brings me to a bit of a puzzle. How come the main bedroom in an apartment can be bigger than either of the main bedrooms in the last two houses where we have lived? You would think, or at least I did, that bedrooms in ‘real’ houses on the ground would be bigger than the bedrooms in an apartment. I don’t know about other apartments, but that is not the case in our apartment.

Another thing I would miss now is sitting out on our little balcony in the mornings with my cup of coffee looking out over the Swan River while I check out stuff using my girlfriend’s laptop. Although it was a little cold out there this morning as Australia’s winter starts to kick in. It was 10°C in Perth this morning (that’s about 50°F for my American readers).