Time for a new feature site: Just lots of 'Beautiful Women'

273[883] It is a long time since I featured a site. In fact it was the "Girls in High Heels" (a.k.a. Fuck Me in Heels) site back in September 2015. If you missed it you can find the original posting for that feature site here.

Or you can click on the banner from the site, at right, to go directly to the site.

I notice that Girls in High Heels has a Facebook page. Maybe I should think about doing that as well.

Anyway, the site featured in this post is "Beautiful Women". The banner area of the Beautiful Women site claims "The most beautiful women on the planet from the highest quality images and the best photographers. CLICK HIGH-RES for the best view."

This claim seems to be more-or-less just about true. As you might expect, there are pictures of a lot of beautiful women on the Beautiful Women site, and, also as you might have guessed, a lot these pictures show beautiful women wearing sexy high heels. Otherwise why would I be featuring it?

Probably only about one in ten pictures at the Beautiful Women site features stunners wearing arousing high heels, but this is enough to keep a keen high heels addict like me scrolling through it.

Following are some examples of the pictures where the lovely ladies are wearing cock-hardening high heels.

I had to post the next one. Blue jeans with fuck-me heels is one of my favourite looks. Also she is wearing the never-out-of-fashion and always very sexy YSL Tribute sandals.

So you may have to scroll through about eight or nine pictures of beautiful women on the Beautiful Women site that are not showing off their sexiness in high heels, but then you will likely be rewarded with one where they are wearing heels.

For those of you wondering what the other pictures are like on Beautiful Women—the ones where the stunners are not wearing heels—following are a couple of examples.

Overall I think this site is a safe R rating. In the 100 or so pictures I scrolled through I did not come across any bare pussy or people in the act of sex.

As for the quality and content I am going to rate it 3.5, but mainly only because the pictures of stunners in high heels are a little sparse and Addicted-to-Heels is, after all, a high heels appreciation site.

Additionally a lot of the pictures seemed to be either over softened or the noise reduction was turned up too high when the digital noise was being removed.