A collections of 'Beauty sans-Heels' pictures added

274[884] I have added a small collection of pictures to the 'Beauty sans-Heels' page.

While this site is seriously focussed on ladies showing off their sexiness in high heels, while I am trawling the many various sites for suitable pictures I do often come across some pretty stunning pictures of near-naked ladies that I think are worth posting somewhere.

Here is a small collection of these, and now that I have kind of worked out how to use the gallery widget in SquareSpace I have used that to put these four on the post.

What I don't know how to do is put comments under each picture. I am not even sure that the gallery widget even allows for this.

I will add these pictures to the Beauty sans-Heels page, but, as always, here are a couple of proper Addicted-to-Heels pictures.

Enjoy . . .