A small collection of Playboy centrefolds

271[881] In this posting I have put together a small collection of Playboy centerfolds that I have collected from the Internet over the last four or five months.

Obviously—as this site is called Addicted-to-Heels—I am only featuring those Playboy centerfolds wearing high heels, even though in some of the pictures the style of their heels might be a tiny bit dated.

As always, all pictures have been digitally enhanced a little.

I have suggested to my girlfriend that naked in high heels is a great outfit to wear when washing the car, but at this stage I have not managed to convince her.

Notice also in this picture how the heels are causing her butt to lift and lean her shoulders back thereby pushing her breast forward. I love that effect of heels.

Wow. Seven pictures in the one post. You guys are just so spoilt—that would be 'spoiled' for my American readers.