Arianna asks: Does my gf wear heels most of the time?

269[879] About a week and half ago Arianna posted a comment here asking "So does your girlfriend wear heels most of the time?"

I think that like most women she has a kind of love/hate thing going on with high heels. She loves how they look, likes how they make her feel, and gets a buzz from the extra attention they demand from men. But let's face it, there really is no such thing as an actually comfortable pair of high heeled shoes.

She always wears heels at work and she works about three and a half days a week; from midday Wed, then Thursday and Friday, and then half a day Saturday morning. She drives to work in flats and then puts her heels on in the car at work. She is able to park only about 100 metres from her work place (so it is a short walk in heels), and at her work she sits down most of the day and is able to slip her heels off if she chooses.

Since I have been employed and doing so many jobs in the city I have noticed that a lot of women put their heels on in the carpark, which is something I was not that aware of before. You see them swing their legs out of the door and put their heels on the ground and slip into them. For someone like me it is very sexy to watch and you can almost see the change in them as the heels go on—well I think so anyway.

At home she will sometimes surprise me and wear heels for me (she has been known to cook breakfast wearing heels and little else—and that's a real treat but it doesn't happen very often), or if I 'beg' a bit sometimes she will put heels on for me. She will sometimes wear heels to the movies for me, or if we go out to dinner or the casino (as we now live quite close to the casino). But in all cases there has to be limited standing and walking involved, and sometime I have to promise a foot rubbing later.

I guess my answer would be that I don't think she probably wears heels much more than most other women who wear heels to work. But living with me she is obviously much more aware than most women about just how much most men are seriously aroused by high heels and she does like to tease with that a bit sometimes.

And now some pictures just to demonstrate the amazingness [yeah, I know that is not a word] of sexy high heels ... droool [or that].