Cleavage vs. Heels

268[878] Looking back on my notes (yes, I make notes) I see that I had planned to do a posting on this very interesting and important question of life—which is more arousing: cleavage or high heels?

By cleavage here I am referring to normal out-and-about cleavage and not film-star red carpet cleavage where women expose as much cleavage as possible just short of going topless.

In my opinion, high heels are significantly more sexually interesting and arousing than cleavage. Let's take the everyday example of going grocery shopping. To most men, seeing an attractive woman shopping in high heels is incredibly sexually exciting, but if she were displaying a bit of cleavage and wearing flats then she might not even get a second look. Similarly at work. Being in a meeting with a woman wearing sexy high heels is much more arousing for most men than if she were providing a glimpse of a hint of cleavage.

Just as a side note here, I am sure the person who invented glass top meeting room tables was an admirer of sexy high heels. You can pretend to be looking at notes or just staring at the table when you are actually perving on her bonerstarter high heels.

And if a woman is exposing that extra bit of breast at a club or party, then to really get the full effect happening she needs to be wearing heels. There is nothing like heels to amplify the cock-hardening effect of cleavage.

With the following pictures I have tried to find some examples that demonstrate my point—that as amazing as cleavage is, the effect of cleavage is massively enhanced by high heels.

Just look what the heels in the next picture are doing to enhance the effect of that awesome cleavage.