Heels are the single most powerful item in a woman's wardrobe …

264[874]: The title of this post is part of the opening sentence from an article I came across on the Web. The complete first paragraph from the article appears below.

"Heels are the single most powerful item in a woman's wardrobe for improving her attractiveness to men. I routinely recognize this when I go to nightclubs, where almost all of the girls are wearing them. I also notice it at work, where some of the women occasionally wear them, and I find myself suddenly taking a second [or third or fourth] look (normally I wouldn't look once, as they have about 20 years on me and need to work out). While having a general knowledge of clothing fit and colour (for example) matters more, it is not a single item than can be put on or removed with the same simplicity of heels. Heels require no instructions. Most women understand the effectiveness of heels to a degree, but too few realize why and how well they work, and therefore have trouble using them to their full potential."

This quote comes from a site I came across called "The Rules Revisited". It is in an article titled "The Importance of Heels" published on that site in October of 2011.

The picture above of the babe in high heels links over to The Rule Revisited site.

The Rules Revisited site is all about trying to advise women about men. The author of the site writes well (better than me probably) and his aim is to try and tell women about how men REALLY think about women and sex without the white-wash and smog that magazines like Cosmopolitan apply—either because (as they are largely written by women) they don't really know (they just think they do), or, perhaps, because they don't really want to say.

In the post above Rules Revisited attempts to make a point that I have tried to make a number of times on this site. While most women kind of realise that high heels make them visually more desirable to men—no matter what else they might wear with them—I have found that these same women just do not comprehend how sexually powerful high heels are. Us men are sexually stimulated visually. And high heels amplify that visual sexual response in men.

Again, as I have said before, a woman putting on heels is like turning up her sexual desirability dial by an instant +2 out of 10. So if she was a 6 before heels, then she goes straight to 8 out of 10 when she slips those heels on. There is nothing else in her wardrobe that she can put on has this power.

I know two male friends who confess that just seeing a pair of sexy high heels can get their cocks to respond even with no female anywhere near them. So you can imagine the 'cock response' (there's a new term I have just discovered) for these guys when they see a women in heels—almost an instant woody.

As I have said before a couple of times on this site, there is almost NOTHING that a woman can put on and wear out anywhere she likes, even to work or church or a funeral, that can get this kind of sexual interest from nearby males.

So the message in this post, and the post from The Rules Revisited, is that while women kind of know that males find heels sexy they generally are not aware of just how arousing heels are; that they can transform the degree of sexual interest in her from 'ho hum' to 'Wow! She is seriously sexy'.