Yep! I am back from an unexpected posting break

265[875] As you can see I have returned to posting on this site. I am not sure what happened there, but for some reason I kind of went through a period of "nah, can't be bothered" which basically lasted through February and March.

Sorry about that.

But that time was not totally wasted. I was still collecting pictures so I have even more pictures in my archives now for re-posting. Also I have read a book on writing called "Writing Well" and read a number of really good articles about writing that I found on the Web. So, hopefully, you can expect my writing to improve a bit; as long as I have remembered some of what I read (note the use of the semi-colon back there, grin).

Also in the two months where I wasn't posting my girlfriend and I have moved again. We are still in the city, or at least the suburbs. But with rents in Perth going down we have upgraded our accommodation and moved from a ground unit in Kensington (near Victoria Park) to an almost brand new high-rise apartment in Rivervale and we are saving $40 a week in rent and we get every fourth week rent free for the first six months.

It is not much of move in distance, and the girlfriend is still nice and close to where she works, but this apartment is like something out of a movie. All nice and new, with a small balcony and views. It only has two bedrooms compared to the three bedrooms at the previous place, but both bedrooms at the apartment has a bathroom. So if someone stays over now they have their own bathroom.

With only two bedrooms you have to store your 'other stuff you are not using' in your basement lock-up, which is about a third of the size of a car garage. This does mean that all your other crap is not stored in the unit, which is sort of an upside, but it also means than when you find you want something from the 'other stuff you are not using' then you have to take a trip down to the basement to get it.

Also, whereas before we could just park in the yard and walk into the unit, now we have to park in a basement-style carpark and get an elevator up to the unit. We did manage to get two car parking bays as part of our deal, so that is good.

Now I just have to get used to apartment living, which is kind of a big jump for someone who was nice and comfortable down in Australind on a quarter acre of land just four or five months ago. Even with the unit in Kensington we had a bit of yard to walk in. There is no more just going 'out the back' to stretch my legs anymore if I have been posting too long or watching too much TV. Now it will either be a walk around the apartment, or get the lift down to the gym and do something down there (which doesn't really appeal to me that much—depending who else is there), or down to the basement car park and walk around that, or jump in the car and go to a park nearby. But I am sure I will adjust.

In the meantime, check out the following light relief.

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