GFs and amateurs in high heels

261[871] This post features some pictures of girlfriends and other amateurs showing off their hotness in high heels.

These all came a girlfriends and amateurs thread on 4Chan so the image quality is not up to the usual general standard or size for Addicted-to-Heels, but I think they are still worth posting. I love to see 'normal' girls enjoying the thrill of wearing sexy high heels.

Not too sure about the outfit the following stunner is wearing, but she is wearing heels and that's really all that matters.

Nice dress . . .

Assuming someone has not stretched those legs in Photoshop (or whatever), then she has some seriously amazing legs. Her boyfriend has got to be happy.

As usual, every picture has been digitally enhanced by me (de-noised as much as possible, sharpened, colour adjusted, and enlarged in some cases where the picture would allow it).

Also, as always, and I really do mean it, a big thanks to those girlfriends and wives that wear their sexy heels out and about, and let their hubbies and boyfriends post their pictures. I only wish some of the hubbies and boyfriends would get decent cameras.

But thanks ladies.